Sunday, December 12, 2010

Just listed a bunch of Vintage Paper Dolls Greeting Cards

Many years ago I purchased a gals inventory since she and her husband were saving up to open a Collectibles Shop but when her hubby passed away she changed her mind. I have long ago sold most everything from that purchase. my surprise while cleaning up my storage I found a box of greeting cards from that purchase and had to sit down and look through them to see what was there. So fun...since most of them were from the 1980s when my kids were growing up and there were some they would have loved...the original Strawberry Shortcake...My Little Pony...Holly Hobbie and others.

I spent the better part of yesterday listing them in my Etsy Vintage4u shop yesterday and almost immediately they started selling...I had no idea that they would be of much interest. One lady collects them so she was happy to find them.

No matter how many years I have been in the business I still get a thrill with a find. Take a look and see if you recognize any!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Visiting with my Grandchildren

Each summer I have 3 grandchildren that come to visit for a week each. They all live in a different part of the state so it is our way of getting some together time without the parents interfering!

My one granddaughter was already here and we had a great time. Her request was to go to Disneyland - so we did that with her Aunt Adrienne, Uncle Jacob and cousins Renee and Rozi. It was a long day, but we managed to stay until the end of the new Water Show at California Adventure. It was very nice! For anyone going to see that show...go get your passes to get in as soon as you get there! No one told us that we needed them and so we had to sit on the sidelines.

My 2 grandsons are coming to together this time. We plan to go to Legoland and also the Discovery Center and Uncle Jacob will be taking Christian to the All Star Fun Fest. So it will be a busy week with them. I look forward to these times with them a lot.

Out family is growing so fast! I will be grandma of 10 shortly. One we know is a boy and he will arrive in Oct. The other 2 are scheduled for February, so we still don't know if they will be boys or girls. I will soon be the old woman in the shoe!

Friday, May 28, 2010

3 Ring Circus update and Praise

I was scanning through my blog and it occurred to me that I never did an update on my health from over a year ago. For the whole story you can look back in my archives for it. (Jan 2009 and I think Oct. 2009)

I am praising God every day of my life since I was privileged to watch how God cleared my brain of cloudy apathy and indifference to Him! I have been a Christian for over 35 years, and was often a busy bee in our church and loved the Lord, but slowly like a current song says...."it was a slow fade" and I withdrew from Him and just showed up at church for services and left untouched. Then He decided it was time to wake me up and remind me who He is and that I am special in His sight!

As my earlier blogging explains in more detail, I had surgery, heart attack, and a long time of discovery to find out I had a heart rhythm, problem that was fixed through a procedure and now I am healed.

The journey was amazing! I was shocked to discover I had these problems and amazed to see His hand on my life through a year of unknowns. I was in a Woman's "Beth Moore" bible study that spoke to me weekly about who He was to me and how much He cared for me. The best part was that I had a peace that I have not ever experienced before.

I can't explain in words how different my heart is today...oh funny me...both hearts I physical heart is working fine and my spiritual heart has healed the most.

This year our Woman's study was in Revelations 1-3 about the end times and God speaking to the 7 Churches to wake up! Oh how awesome is He to allow me to learn about myself and to see more clearly how He was working in my Life! I recognized myself in 2 of the Churches most clearly. The church of Ephesus had left their first love and His direction was to overcome and return to Him. That was like reading about my last year in retrospect! But as the lessons moved on I saw myself again and again and how I need Him in more ways than I can express. Another church that described me was the Church of Laodicea - the lukewarm Church - I was this person too...and from the passive unclear past I was gently shown that I will die if I stay in that place.
Praise God for the love He has shown me and the renewed walk that He is leading me on.

It has been a while since I posted here

I have been side tracked by life I guess..there have been new hobbies...well rejuvenated hobbies that I have indulged in and many other things to keep me occupied. My fun new sewing adventures have been making quilts and things. I have made some that I can't show yet since they are gifts that haven't been given and they might see them too soon.

Here are some fairy houses that I made recently and was planning to give away and then changed my mind so I have offered them for sale on Etsy instead. Fairy House
Another Fairy House
Another fun thing that I have started doing is reading. A friend of mine gave me a book for my birthday in January and I have not stopped since. They are books by Jennifer Chiaverini, who writes great stories that always incorporate quilting. It is fun easy reading and I can't seem to put them soon as I finish one I am off to the library for the next. I will be very sad when I reach the end of her books. The amazing thing is that I haven't read a novel in 30+ years. So this is great fun...once I got over feeling guilty for spending time on reading instead of something more productive.

I am sure this is why I have picked up the quilting bug again. I have been sewing for years and I even have a great embroidery machine, but that isn't as interesting now as the creating I can, or hope to do, with quilts. I need to get into a class again and learn more, but so far I haven't taken the time or the class I want is not when I can go. Some day!

Time to start a new day!