Friday, July 2, 2010

Visiting with my Grandchildren

Each summer I have 3 grandchildren that come to visit for a week each. They all live in a different part of the state so it is our way of getting some together time without the parents interfering!

My one granddaughter was already here and we had a great time. Her request was to go to Disneyland - so we did that with her Aunt Adrienne, Uncle Jacob and cousins Renee and Rozi. It was a long day, but we managed to stay until the end of the new Water Show at California Adventure. It was very nice! For anyone going to see that show...go get your passes to get in as soon as you get there! No one told us that we needed them and so we had to sit on the sidelines.

My 2 grandsons are coming to together this time. We plan to go to Legoland and also the Discovery Center and Uncle Jacob will be taking Christian to the All Star Fun Fest. So it will be a busy week with them. I look forward to these times with them a lot.

Out family is growing so fast! I will be grandma of 10 shortly. One we know is a boy and he will arrive in Oct. The other 2 are scheduled for February, so we still don't know if they will be boys or girls. I will soon be the old woman in the shoe!

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