Sunday, December 12, 2010

Just listed a bunch of Vintage Paper Dolls Greeting Cards

Many years ago I purchased a gals inventory since she and her husband were saving up to open a Collectibles Shop but when her hubby passed away she changed her mind. I have long ago sold most everything from that purchase. my surprise while cleaning up my storage I found a box of greeting cards from that purchase and had to sit down and look through them to see what was there. So fun...since most of them were from the 1980s when my kids were growing up and there were some they would have loved...the original Strawberry Shortcake...My Little Pony...Holly Hobbie and others.

I spent the better part of yesterday listing them in my Etsy Vintage4u shop yesterday and almost immediately they started selling...I had no idea that they would be of much interest. One lady collects them so she was happy to find them.

No matter how many years I have been in the business I still get a thrill with a find. Take a look and see if you recognize any!

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