Friday, December 26, 2008

Special Blog Sale in my Shops

Special 10% off any order over $10.00.

To receive the discount just submit your order and mention code: TT1227. I will send a new invoice with the corrected amount.

I will be adding new items to all the Etsy Shops during the next few keep watching! Currently there are a lot of new paper dolls added to Vintage4u. There will be buttons added to Allbuttons and new patterns to Allpatterns

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas Everyone

Good morning to all! It is 5am on Christmas morning. As usual I have awakened too early, but I enjoy this time to myself when I can have a cup of coffee, read my email, check out my shops and watch the news.

It is cold and raining today...the best we can expect for a winter Christmas in southern California. This is probably the only day of the year I miss the snow from my childhood days.

We have hosted one family gathering over the weekend since my 2 sons and their families live about 7 hours away. Our 2 daughters are close by and we will exchange gifts and have dinner with them at Adrienne's home today.

It has become a challenge to coordinate all the families with their extended families and have quality time with all. I am fortunate that they all work hard to make themselves available to each other and we have been able to work things out each year. Sometimes I get disappointed that it isn't happening just the way I would like, but then I gradually get focused on what is really important and leave my selfishness aside.

I am thankful that this is the birthday of my savior, Jesus Christ. If it weren't for Him there would be no need to get together and share with each other. We might gather for other reasons, but without the compassion and forgiveness that comes through God's love for me, I doubt I would think to extend that to others. We take our Christian values for granted in this world today and many who don't even think they believe in Christ, salvation, God, or "that stuff", are actually still functioning in God's world of love. It seems to me that a hand shake, a hug, a thank you or just holding a door open is an expression of what God has taught us through His word.

So...Merry Christmas to you all and I hope you have a great day!

Sunday, December 14, 2008


When I first started selling old stuff...I found a lady or maybe she found me, I forget, but she asked me to come to her home and look through some boxes of stuff she and her boyfriend had collected hoping to some day open a shop. She had a lot of boxes and all I could do was open them and take a peek inside since there was no room to really pull it out. Her friend was gone and she had gotten older and wanted to move closer to her family so she wanted me to buy everything. This was exciting and also frightening since I didn't know a lot about this stuff yet! But I took a chance and we agreed on a price and it took my husband and I 3 trips in our truck to get it all to our home. My living room was stacked! It took me weeks to go through all the boxes and inventory it all.

That was back in the early 1990's and I still have some things from that purchase! Recently I opened a box and it had some paper dolls from that lady. I know I had sold a lot of them, but I guess I just didn't finish, because there are quite a few of them in this box. Most are in very good condition...never used.

One of the ways I learned about antiques and collectibles was by need. When I bought something and I didn't know about it.. I would buy a book or several books and read and study until I thought I was able to price my items appropriately. (Book prices are rarely appropriate in my experience, but they are a starting point). What I enjoyed most was leaning about things and when they originated and how they developed into a collectible.

Paper dolls have been around for many years. I am not sure of the exact beginnings but I know in the 1800's they were in magazines and used for advertising. It was a way to get a toy for free. I had one that advertised Hood's Sarsaparilla once and it had clothes too. McCall's had paper dolls in there magazine for years and they were really collectible. Kids followed the story of those dolls every issue.

Some of the most popular ones were of movie stars like Kathrine Hepburn, Ginger Rogers, Dale Evens, Roy Rogers...many more.

Paper dolls are still very fun to play can get reproductions of the old ones or you can choose new arrivals...I just saw one for Obama! I guess some little kids get into politics too!
I have listed a few of the paper dolls in my Vintage4u Shop and I will add more in time.

My first Blogging

I have read my children's blogs for years and enjoyed catching up on their lives through posts and pictures...even though they live close by.... I see and talk to them almost daily, but I still learn and enjoy their blogs.

My blogging won't always be about them or me, but probably more about the things that interest me. I have enjoyed many years of child rearing and wife-being and have traveled some and enjoyed learning about antiques and have met many very interesting people in that field so who knows what tid-bits of information I may choose to impart to the world from day to day.

Please check back from time to time and add your comments so I know I am not all alone out here in blogisphere land.

Let me introduce what keeps me busy a lot of the time and what I enjoy as a pleasurable pastime! Antique and Collectibles, Vintage, buttons and patterns.....

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