Sunday, October 18, 2009

The love of Sewing

I just finished making some costumes for my grandchildren for Halloween and it was just a nice pleasant experience! When they are wearing them ...maybe I will remember to post a picture.

Now I am in the process of scanning some vintage patterns to list in my Allpatterns shop on Etsy. As I read each one and look through them to see if all the pieces are there I am longing to make something. Some of these old patterns bring back memories of when I wore clothes much like these and then I reminisce about those days for a while. No wonder it takes me so long to get this job done! And as you can see I have diverted to jabbering about it instead of doing it!

One of the things I recall with fondness was when my mother helped me make my first real outfit. I was probably in Jr. High or maybe high school and my sister was getting married in Canada so it was a small wedding and we had to travel. I recall being so proud of my workmanship and how I loved everything about it. It was a lined skirt and jacket in a green color that went well with my red hair.

My mother was very patient with her instructions and I did all of the sewing. I remember her watching me place the pattern pieces on the fabric and her explaining the importance of taking my time cutting it out neatly. Now at a much wiser age I agree with her. I used to hurry and try to make something as fast as I could and wondering why it didn't look quite right. I don't think I have ever made anything as well as that outfit...or at least that is my memory of it. I also recall the days when I was hurrying to make would be because my baby was napping or in bed for the night and I wanted to get as much done as I could! Any one relate?

There are patterns in my shop that I would love to make, but most are not the right size or are not my style now...I do really like just looking them over and thinking about what they might look like made. This pattern is one that started this whole process today...for some reason I just think it is lovely! Back to work I must go!