Friday, May 28, 2010

It has been a while since I posted here

I have been side tracked by life I guess..there have been new hobbies...well rejuvenated hobbies that I have indulged in and many other things to keep me occupied. My fun new sewing adventures have been making quilts and things. I have made some that I can't show yet since they are gifts that haven't been given and they might see them too soon.

Here are some fairy houses that I made recently and was planning to give away and then changed my mind so I have offered them for sale on Etsy instead. Fairy House
Another Fairy House
Another fun thing that I have started doing is reading. A friend of mine gave me a book for my birthday in January and I have not stopped since. They are books by Jennifer Chiaverini, who writes great stories that always incorporate quilting. It is fun easy reading and I can't seem to put them soon as I finish one I am off to the library for the next. I will be very sad when I reach the end of her books. The amazing thing is that I haven't read a novel in 30+ years. So this is great fun...once I got over feeling guilty for spending time on reading instead of something more productive.

I am sure this is why I have picked up the quilting bug again. I have been sewing for years and I even have a great embroidery machine, but that isn't as interesting now as the creating I can, or hope to do, with quilts. I need to get into a class again and learn more, but so far I haven't taken the time or the class I want is not when I can go. Some day!

Time to start a new day!

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