Monday, November 23, 2009

Postcards are Fun Pieces of the Past

I have found postcards to be a great source of entertainment. They are collected for a lot of reasons and although I don't collect too many, I enjoy the history and family ties attached to them. Actually I sell them and have a lot that one day I will get ready to sell. I recently was researching some that were old French Actresses from the early 1900s and I wanted to know the publishers information. So, I Googled for the publishers and I found a great website that has a lot of them identified. It is the Metropolitan Postcard Club of New York City. I started a list years ago and tried to keep up with it, but failed miserably so you can imagine this in great news for me to find a great list.

As I learn about collectors and their interests in postcards I appreciate the many ways they collect. Some are only interested in a particular City or State, probably from where they came. Some like to collect holiday cards or specific greetings like New Years or Birthday. There are a lot of collectors for Halloween and Valentines Day cards. Santa gets good interest too.

Having your photograph put on a postcard was a polular thing to do in the early 1900s and it almost seems sad that so many peoples families are scattered all around and unless they are identified somehow they are unknown faces in the world.

Vacations have been recorded by the postcard collection for years. I think this has been popular since the 1940's and especially in the 1950's and beyond. Every town along the highway had a selection of postcards to choose from....and people loved them!

Personally I enjoying seeing the country and the world for that matter, by looking at the scenes in these old postcards. I also wonder who some of the faced belongs to on the photos and who would like to find them. I keep my eye out for some areas of interest and it tickles me every time I find one.

To see a few of my listed postcards please visit Vintage4U or Timeless Treasures

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