Friday, November 6, 2009

Buttons - Beauties of the Past

I have been listing some fun old buttons on my AllButtons shop and I just had to stop and vent a little about how under appreciated these little beauties are. They come in all different sizes, shapes, colors, textures and ages. Just a little like the people I know. Maybe they are under appreciated too. God made us all so unique and different yet like buttons, we have a distinct purpose in the world. Some are bright and cheerful, some are dark and mysterious, while others are just good old consistent workers.

OK back to my rant on buttons. I love to look at these things...they are unique in so many different ways. Some have been made from natural materials like bone, ivory or nuts. These are usually warm to the touch and seem to have held up well over all the years. I am a but partial to the old bone buttons that were used to hold up men's old long johns or underwear. Can you imaging getting up in the middle of the night and having to unbutton those things just know. I especially like the ones that only have 2 big holes (the buttons had 2 big holes) and people used to make them into faces using the holes as eyes!

What I am amazed about is that they usually sell for so little compared to the new ones I see in the stores. I keep thinking I will go take some pictures of the new ones on the cards in the stores and post the equivalent on you can see the bargains you can get. Maybe my daughter will do that for me since she has a website about ways to save! By the way her site is called The Mommy Trade - if you are into couponing....check it out she does a great job of finding the deals locally.

Well...I didn't plan to get off on prices...I was just enjoying the different ones and thought I would share. Take a minute and look closely at some of your buttons and see if they are special to you too.

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