Saturday, January 3, 2009

Button Button Who' s Got The Button?

I have been listing some buttons in my Allbutton shop on Etsy the last couple days and it reminded me of my memories with buttons.

When I was a child my mother played a game with me. She use to hide buttons for me to find. She seemed to have the best buttons because I remember wanting to find certain ones more. They were big and bright and I am sure it kept me occupied for quite a while so she could get other things done! This has remained a warm memory for me.

Years later I worked in an antique mall and met my first button collector. She told me a lot about buttons...much of which I don't recall, but I remember thinking it so odd that people actually save those things. I loved glass and that seemed more practical and useful.

Over the years as I bought and sold antiques and collectibles I would run accross buttons and knowing there were collectors for them I would buy them if they were reasonable...they had to be really reasonable because I still didn't think they were all that special. I didn't try selling any for many years....just kept putting them aside.

When I was in Ohio one year taking care of my ailing parents, my mother asked me if I wanted anything from her sewing cabinet, since she wasn't sewing any more and I was the only daughter that actually did any sewing. As I looked through the drawers I ran across a tin of old buttons and those fond memories filled my heart. I know some of them were the ones I played with as a child and some were just ones she always had.
I have these buttons still in the old bandaid tin she kept them in. I must be a collector of buttons now!

It was some time after that that I decided to sort through my button stash and see if there were any worth selling. I must say these little round closures are really very addicting! I haven't become a collector of any more than my mothers, but I can see why people do like them. I have spent hours and hours going through these buttons, sorting, resorting, and organizing them. I have several books that have helped my understand the ages, the material content, the sizes, the styles and all the tidbits of information that make them so desirable.

I won't go through all the statistics of them since you can find everything you need to know somewhere on the internet! Just start searching and you will find what you want I am sure.

Thanks for reading...if you read to this point of my ramblings! Happy Button Collecting to you!!


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  2. What a beautiful story. I, too, love buttons and so does my granddaughter. I gave her a task two years ago, and it was for her to look for buttons she liked and put them in a button jar which I had supplied for her. To this day, she loves the hunt for buttons and is fascinated with all the old ones. She is almost 9 now! It makes my heart smile when I see her face light up when comes over and has new buttons. We pull them out every once in a while and see what she has saved. She dumps the buttons out on the floor and just looks at them!

    Your story is just wonderful, thank you for sharing it! I invite you to stop by my blog, I am having a great giveaway this month, which ends January 30th. Mimi