Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Update on 3 Ring Circus

I am feeling more hopeful after my visit with the Cardio-etectrophyiologist yesterday about my heart rythum. They discussed my PVC's and how they happen and how to get rid of them. Depending on all the factors regarding the heart, usually a diffribulator is the answer. In my case they aren't sure so they will perform an EP study to make that determination.

The really good news is that I don't have blockage, which I already new and I don't have congestive heart failure as I thought, but I do have a damaged heart. In my case, which seems to be the least common, they don't know if my heart was damaged from a virus or even the common cold or if I have had PVC's all my life and they caused the damage to the heart. So a study is scheduled for Feb 9th.

This study is the most frightening part, but I will trust that God's hand will lead this proceedure. If you are interested in the study here is a link that explains it better than I.

If I need a diffribrulator they will put it in that day too, so hopefully I will leave the hospital with a heart pumping perfectly.

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