Tuesday, January 20, 2009

My Personal 3-Ring Circus

If I didn't believe in God and His infinite mercy I might be crying right now, but I am not. Perhaps I am still in shock over my multiple health problems or maybe I am learning that I don't have any control over these things anyway, so why should I cry.

In Ring one I have the issue of hyperparathyroidism. Last fall while trying to loose weight a doctor noticed my calcium levels were too high and so this saga began...long story short...the way to fix a bad parathyroid is to remove it. You have 4 tiny little parathyroid glands behind the thyroid and after some tests they figure out which is bad and out it goes. I also had a nodule on my thyroid for many years so they were removing that too. In November I had that surgery but I had a heart attack during it, and I ended up in intensive care for a couple days and so now we move to...

Ring #2 is the issues of my heart. Just having surgery the cardiologist didn't want to rush into an angiogram until I had a little time to heal and to make sure my calcium and parathyroid levels were ok. So in December, even thought my hormone levels were still too high, they did the angiogram with raving results!!! No significant blockage...Praise the Lord...I am so happy. They still don't know why I had they heart attack or what caused it, but I am thinking all is well now.

I had complained of heart palpitations so the Dr had me wear a heart monitor for 24 hours. I didn't feel many palpitations while wearing the monitor, so I figured that was a waste of time...why does that happen...symtoms leave when your in the Dr's office? Anyway...I will get back to this story in a minute...lets go over to...

Ring #3 is an old story of my osteoarthritis. I have some pretty bad joints in this 60 year old body and about 2 years ago had one knee replaced and since then, although that when pretty good...I have had some issues to deal with. I woke up from that surgery with a pinched nerve in my back that nothing has relieved much. I also developed a pea size very sore spot on my ankle. One of those that if you touch it or bump it a sharp shooting pain strikes. This little pea has grown into a cherry size lump now.

With all the heart and hormone stuff going on these issues were definitely on the back burner, but since I thought things were settling down I had the MRI and Nerve test done on the ankle. I just saw my Rheumitologist yesterday and he said it looks like a tumor on the nerve and wants me to see a Orthopedic-oncologist, at the City of Hope! Oh my gosh...what are you saying? He assures me that he doesn't think it is cancer...just that these Drs are specialists and they know how to handle this the best.

Jumping back to ring #2 and the heart monitor story...apparently the monitor did record some significant readings of PVC's. And the cardiologist wants me to see another specialist that deals with the electrical part of the heart. From what I have read the PVCs, Premature Ventricle Contractions, are a big problem if you have a damaged heart, which the heart attack caused. As I glazed over listening to the Dr. I recall hearing "sudden death" and defibrillator come out of his mouth...oh my...what does this all mean? Today I have an appointment with the specialist and then I will know more about this adventure!

For those of you who pray....please pray for me. I look forward to the healing that will take place in this body. I do know that God's word says that he knows all about me and even knows the number of hairs on my head...He is Omnipotent and knows the very day my body will be done here on earth...I personally want to be here for years to come...I want to see all the grandchildren grow up. I also want to do it with a healthy body.

TO sumerize: Ring one still holds hyperparathyroidism...the doctors are waiting until mid Feb to recheck them again. Ring #2 Heart PVC's and Ring #3 Arthritis and tumor.


  1. That is a lot to deal with all at once, we are praying for healing for you.

  2. *hugs* I was praying for you while I read it, will keep you in my prayers.