Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas Everyone

Good morning to all! It is 5am on Christmas morning. As usual I have awakened too early, but I enjoy this time to myself when I can have a cup of coffee, read my email, check out my shops and watch the news.

It is cold and raining today...the best we can expect for a winter Christmas in southern California. This is probably the only day of the year I miss the snow from my childhood days.

We have hosted one family gathering over the weekend since my 2 sons and their families live about 7 hours away. Our 2 daughters are close by and we will exchange gifts and have dinner with them at Adrienne's home today.

It has become a challenge to coordinate all the families with their extended families and have quality time with all. I am fortunate that they all work hard to make themselves available to each other and we have been able to work things out each year. Sometimes I get disappointed that it isn't happening just the way I would like, but then I gradually get focused on what is really important and leave my selfishness aside.

I am thankful that this is the birthday of my savior, Jesus Christ. If it weren't for Him there would be no need to get together and share with each other. We might gather for other reasons, but without the compassion and forgiveness that comes through God's love for me, I doubt I would think to extend that to others. We take our Christian values for granted in this world today and many who don't even think they believe in Christ, salvation, God, or "that stuff", are actually still functioning in God's world of love. It seems to me that a hand shake, a hug, a thank you or just holding a door open is an expression of what God has taught us through His word.

So...Merry Christmas to you all and I hope you have a great day!

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  1. Merry Christmas! Hope you had a wonderful day with the family!